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Daikin Air Conditioning

Highlighting all that the Daikin Air Conditioning systems have to offer

For years and years now, Daikin Air Conditioning systems have been considered to be amongst the very best of the best on the market today – and for good reason!

Providing on-demand, efficient, and easy to control climate modules that allow you to cool your house with no trouble whatsoever (taking advantage of easily installed ducting), everything about these units have been designed and engineered to produce stunning results without blowing up your bank account or jacking up your energy bills.

These specific units are capable of working in multiple zone installations as well, providing homeowners, property owners, and commercial space owners with plenty of opportunity and utility to control the climate of their homes with no headache or hassle whatsoever.

If you’re on the market for a top-flight air-conditioning system, you need to look very closely into all that the Daikin Air Conditioning platform has to offer.

Split system offerings from Daikin Air Conditioning are some of the best in the business

Right out of the gate, the Daikin Air Conditioning systems are considered to be amongst the very best of the best anywhere – especially the Cora Series of that this company has just released.

Revolving around a split system wall mounted air conditioning module that can be controlled with an included remote system as well as from your smart phone (when hooked up to your Wi-Fi network), it’s never been as easy to completely control the temperature of your home from anywhere you have mobile service when you take advantage of the Daikin Air Conditioning systems.

New space-age refrigerant (R32 refrigerant) is being used in these split module systems, producing a more consistent and controllable climate in your home without chewing up any extra energy along the way.

Don’t sleep on the Zena Series, either

Another immediately impactful split top air-conditioning system from the folks at Daikin Air Conditioning, this particular series is designed not only to provide incredible utility and amazing functionality but is also engineered to look visually stunning and add quite a bit of visual interest and impact to any interior space that it has been installed in.

Very aerodynamic, very contemporary, and very modern, this series of air-conditioners is not just a pretty face. It features the same R32 refrigerant we highlighted above, includes Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet (as well as a browser-based user interface).

Hyper energy-efficient and including almost silent operating components, this is a very premium split system in the air-conditioning world today.

The Premium Inverter Plus from Daikin Air Conditioning is pretty special

Described as the “ultimate ducted air-conditioning solution” for modern living today, this particular unit has been engineered to produce incredibly consistent climate control and skyhigh energy efficiency with near silent operation.

It also features a 7 inch touchscreen control module, independent control over upwards of eight total climate zones, weekly and daily scheduling, Wi-Fi connectivity, HEPA filtration systems, and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

The solutions available from Daikin Air Conditioning are particularly special, but the ones we highlighted above are the game changers and you’ll want to focus in on for sure.

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