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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

(Almost) Everything you need to know about ducted air conditioning installations

If you want to get complete and total control over the climate and the temperature inside of your home, no other air conditioning system on the planet is going to provide you with the same kind of performance, the same kinds of capabilities currently in the same kinds of control compared to ducted air conditioning installations.

Whole home air conditioning system that use duct work throughout the framing of your home will provide you with inability to centralize your air conditioner (usually installing it in the basement or outdoors) but will also increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioner as well.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into everything that this system has to offer.

What exactly is a ducted air conditioning installation?

Often times described as the smoothest, easiest, and most energy-efficient way to completely cool down your home – and maintain those cool temperatures without skyhigh energy bills – a ducted system involves a major heat exchanging platform (almost always installed outside) and ductwork that runs through the entirety of your home with events into each room that supply the cool layer the heat exchanging platform produces.

Both of these systems “play nicely” with one another but also provide you with a whole host of control and flexibility that you just wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Highlighting the benefits that a ducted air conditioning installation brings to the table

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of big benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you decide to move forward with this kind of whole home air conditioning platform.

For starters, you won’t have to worry about your air conditioners chewing a lot of interior “real estate”. Window units, split units, and portable units are always taking up more space than anyone expects or anticipates but you’ll never have that problem when you go with a ducted installation

The main heat exchanger is outside of the home and all of the ductwork is built into the walls of the proper. There’s nothing to see, nothing to interfere with, and nothing to feel out of place as far as interior design is concerned.

Secondly, you’ll have complete and total control over the temperature of each individual room when you choose to take advantage of a ducted air conditioning installation.

Each individual duct can have a thermostat attached that controls the dampers that regulate how much cold air comes into a space, giving you – and everyone else that lives in your home – the ability to dial in the perfect temperature for each individual in the property.

Recirculating features are another big benefit of ducted air conditioning installations. Not only will the recirculation keep cold air in the home longer while making the heat exchanger work a lot less, but it’s also going to filter the air that you breathe in your home multiple times – keeping up dust, dirt, debris, and potential allergic pathogens.

Finally, you won’t ever have to worry about listening to a super loud air conditioner when you have a ducted installation set up. The heat exchanger is outside and while you might hear the compressor fire on every once in a while, it’s never going to be as loud as window units, portable units, or split top units are.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Sydney