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Split System Air Conditioner Installation

(Almost) Everything you need to know about a split system air conditioner installation.

One of the more popular modern air conditioning systems that homeowners are adding to their properties all the time (especially down south), a split system air conditioner installation provides a quiet, effective, and easy to install system that can regulate and maintain cool temperatures without chewing up your energy bills along the way.

Essentially acting as a more traditional ducted air conditioner (with the exterior heat exchanger, anyway), a split system air conditioner installation isn’t going to involve extensive ductwork being run throughout your property – a job that can get prohibitively expensive if you’re talking about a home that has to be renovated for this ductwork rather than new construction where it can simply be run before the drywall goes up.

No, the heat exchanger on a split system air conditioner installation is going to sit exactly opposite of the actual air conditioning system on the interior of the home. These systems are usually installed on a north or east facing elevation if possible (specifically to avoid them having to work too hard when the hot summer sun is beating down upon), and the “front facing” unit on the interior of the home is almost always relatively stylish in design and minimalist in nature so that it blends a right into the interior space.

What are the benefits of using a split system air conditioner installation?

There are a whole host of the big benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you decide to move forward with a split system air conditioner, but the biggest benefits would have to be that the system itself is relatively inexpensive, the stylish interior cabinet fits almost any interior design aesthetic imaginable, and the easy operation and energy-efficient platform makes it effortless to enjoy cold temperatures without having to spend a small fortune on energy along the way.

Another big advantage of these particular air conditioning systems has to be the ability to filter the air that is cooled through the heat exchanger, providing you with a cleaner higher-quality air to breathe while you are home. The filtration systems on these units are almost always HEPA systems, designed to combat dust, dirt, debris, and potential pathogens and allergens that can really upset people on the outside temperatures start to rise.

Of course, you’re definitely going to appreciate the fact that split systems have the heat exchanger module on the outside of the property – with an exterior wall between you and all of the noise and ruckus that they inevitably produce while in operation.

You’ll be able to set and modify the climate in your home using the built-in control mechanisms on the interior cabinet of these modules without having to deal with all of the shake, rattle, and roll noises that more traditional air conditioners produce all the time.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to work with the right professionals that can help you find the perfect air conditioning set up for your specific needs. Split system air conditioner installations have a lot to offer, and may be the perfect platform for you to keep your home nice and cool all year round!

Split System Air Conditioner Installation Sydney